Your true colour is Purple

Purple Characteristics

Your true color is purple! Purple individuals usually are:

  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Prepared
  • Organized
  • Caring

Your true color is purple!

You are very detail-oriented and love to plan ahead. You are very predictable and responsible, which gives you a sense of security in life. You rarely do anything that is unpredictable or unplanned.

You also value history and tradition. You hold your family’s shared beliefs very closely, and have a high moral standard. You enjoy finding ways to live out these values in various ways throughout your life, whether that be through helping others by volunteering or through your career. You enjoy having others rely on you to help.

You enjoy being the best at what you do, and believe there is a right way to do everything. Others would describe you as a “rule-follower” who “does things by the book”.  Because of this, you can also become pushy and judgmental when you don’t agree with others’ decisions.

Because of their need for structure, security, and predictability, those whose true color is purple do well in jobs that are very straightforward and have highly defined duties.  You enjoy knowing what your tasks will be for the day, and would not perform well in careers that are highly unpredictable. Purple individuals are well-suited for careers in finance or public service.