ENFP - Personal Relationship

The Enthusiasts


ENFPs are truly kids at heart, and enjoy playing with their children. However, ENJPs still understand that a great deal of responsibility comes with parenting. Their idealistic nature means ENFPs take the task of instilling strong values and goals in their children very seriously, and constantly aim to be good role models for their children. They always to their best to create a positive environment for their children, and are very warm and supportive parents.

ENFPs’ parenting style is a mix of these two divergent goals — they want to have fun with their children, while also instilling important goals and values in their children. Because of this, they may appear to be inconsistent. At one moment they may appear to be the strict authoritarian parent, and the next moment they may appear to be their child’s best friend. Ultimately, the greatest challenge of being an ENFP is balancing their goal of being their child’s friend and confidant while instilling their child with strongly-held values.

Romantic Relationships

ENFPs are warm, kind partners who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their relationship succeeds. They focus on their partner’s needs and feelings, and are very positive. They often seek out new and interesting date ideas. They don’t like to fall into a rut, and will always keep things lively.

In addition, ENFPs are always looking out for their partner. They are very compassionate and giving, and frequently ask about how their partner is feeling. They seek out affirmation from their partner, and give their partner affirmation in return.

Because of their love for new and exciting things, some ENFPs may have trouble staying in a long-term committed relationship.

If they see things as boring, they may choose to take the easy way out. As a result, some ENFPs have a series of short-term relationships that end after the initial “honeymoon period”. In addition, ENFPs usually seek out affirmation from their romantic partners. They have a particularly tough time dealing with criticism and admitting when they were wrong.


ENFPs are positive, supportive friends. They are always willing to try something new and exciting, and are very open-minded. They are well-liked by others, and are always concerned with others’ wellbeing. When an ENFP asks how someone is doing, they truly want to know the answer. Because of this, they have no trouble making and keeping friends.

ENFPs have the unique ability to befriend people who are either alike or different from themselves. Other outgoing people are often drawn to ENFP personalities, but ENFPs will go the extra mile to befriend someone who is more introverted.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
Howard Thurman