INFJ - Career

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Work Habits

INFJs are great employees because of their strong multitasking, organizational, and communicative abilities. They are often described as hardworking and willing to help. However, people with this personality type have trouble dealing with conflict. They avoid conflict at all-costs, and also avoid unnecessary criticism.

INFJs are always willing to help others. No matter what they are doing, they will always take the time to meet with another colleague who stopped by with a question, giving him/her their undivided attention. They get much satisfaction from helping others.

Career Paths

INFJs’ warm disposition make them well-suited for human service industries. People with this personality type may be good psychologists, social workers, teachers, clergy members, human resources staff members, librarians, musicians, artists, and writers.

INFJs are incredibly creative, yet are organized. They thrive in a workplace which allows them to “mix things up” from day-to-day. INFJs have trouble with repetitive work, or work in which they are not able to interact with others. In addition, because INFJs rely so much on their intuition and values, they are usually not well-suited for jobs that rely on impersonal logic.

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