ISFJ - Career

The Protectors

Work Habits

ISFJs are very giving and are willing to help others when needed, and this is apparent in the workplace. ISFJs are great team-players. They enjoy working in groups, and are both flexible and practical when doing so.

People with this personality type have trouble dealing with conflict, and will to go great lengths to avoid conflict. Although they may seek affirmation from others, they are very sensitive to any negative feedback. Oftentimes, ISFJs take negative feedback very personally, and will harbor a grudge about it later on.

Career Paths

ISFJs are very in-tune with others’ emotions. This, coupled with their dependability and organization, makes them well-suited for careers in leadership or administrative roles. They tend to seek out and enjoy careers where they can directly help others and see the impact they’re making every day. They often are well-suited for careers in child care, management, counseling, administration, health care, public relations, and teaching. ISFJs’ eye for aesthetic beauty, coupled with their organizational skills, also makes them well-suited for careers as photographers or designers.

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