ISTJ - Career

The Traditionalists

Work Habits

ISTJs are very organized. They have no trouble prioritizing various tasks each day, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment they get from checking everything off of their daily list. Seeing the tangible outcomes of their accomplishments is very rewarding and motivating for ISTJs.

ISTJs get along well with others in the workplace. They are often others’ “go-to” people when something needs to be accomplished. Others can always be certain ISTJs will follow through on any assigned projects.

Career Paths

ISTJs thrive in an environment centered around routine and rules. Because of this, they may be likely to seek out careers that allow them to enforce these rules. ISTJs often work in law or government.

In addition, ISTJs are often good at a variety of things because they believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to. ISTJs are often well-suited for careers as military personnel, managers, police officers, judges, teachers, accountants, detectives, doctors, dentists, and financial officers.

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