INFP - Career

The Humanists

Work Habits

Although they get along well with their colleagues, INFPs enjoy working independently and creatively. They will not do well in high-stress environments or environments that require a great deal of teamwork.

In addition, people with thinking (T) and judging (J) traits may have a hard time working with INFPs. Thinkers and Judgers thrive in a highly-structured environment and are very detail-oriented, and may view INFPs as too free-spirited.

Career Paths

INFPs thrive in positions that allow them to be creative and insightful. They view creativity as a means through which they can express themselves. They particularly enjoy tackling problems that benefit others, and want to change the world through their work.

INFPs may have trouble in highly-structured careers that are full of routine. They may have trouble completing tasks they view as mundane — things like paperwork, or other administrative tasks. INFP’s self-esteem is often boosted when they come up with a creative solution, and are not well-suited for careers with a high degree of structure and regulation.

People with this personality type are often well-suited for careers as a writer, dancer, artist, photographer, counselor, human resources professional, teacher, or social worker.

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