INFP - Personal Relationship

The Humanists


INFPs understand that a great deal of responsibility comes with parenting. They are warm, loving, and supportive. Their idealistic nature means INFPs take the task of instilling strong values and goals in their children very seriously, and constantly aim to be good role models for their children. They always do their best to create a positive environment for their children, and are very warm and supportive parents. INFPs’ tendency to be a closed book can be beneficial when parenting. This allows them to selectively show children what emotions and behaviors they choose to. This makes INFPs great role models.

As they present themselves as role models, INFPs will also do anything to help their children grow and succeed. INFPs are willing to let their children make their own mistakes — they understand that this is part of the learning process. However, INFPs may have trouble dealing with children who are very difficult, and do not share the same values as themselves. They would rather focus on the “big picture” behind the rules, rather than being the enforcer of the rules.

Romantic Relationships

INFPs are warm, kind partners who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their relationship succeeds. They focus on their partner’s needs and feelings, and are very positive. They often seek out new and interesting date ideas. They don’t like to fall into a rut, and will always keep things lively.

In addition, INFPs are always looking out for their partner. They are very compassionate and giving, and frequently ask about how their partner is feeling. They seek out affirmation from their partner, and give their partner affirmation in return. But because INFPs avoid conflict and thrive on their partner’s affirmation, INFPs may have a particularly tough time dealing with criticism and admitting when they were wrong.


INFPs are positive, supportive friends. They are always willing to try something new and exciting, and are very open-minded. They are well-liked by others, and are always concerned with others’ wellbeing. When an INFP asks how someone is doing, they truly want to know the answer. Because of this, they have no trouble making and keeping friends.

INFPs have the unique ability to befriend people who are either alike or different from themselves. INFPs are drawn to extroverted personality types — they enjoy learning as much as they can about someone who is an open book. However, INFPs can also be great friends to introverted personality types. While it may be difficult to become friends initially if both individuals are more reserved, INFPs will eventually form a strong friendship with someone whom they consider their confidant.

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