Big 5 Test - Conscientiousness

Big 5 Test Conscientiousness – High

You are highly conscientious. You are very organized, reliable, efficient, and hard-working. You are able to set a good balance between work and fun, and you save your fun for after your work is completed.

In your home, you keep things clean and organized as well. People who are sloppy and leave messes really bother you, and your natural inclination is to clean up a mess when you see one.

Research has found that people who are highly conscientiousness tend to be very successful in their careers. You are able to set long-term goals, then plan and complete the steps necessary to achieve these goals. However, sometimes you tend to be a perfectionist, or others may call you a workaholic. Because of this, those who are highly conscientious do well in a variety of careers.

Big 5 Test Conscientiousness – Medium

You scored medium on conscientiousness. At times, you are very driven and hard-working, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to have fun! You are always able to set a comfortable balance between work and fun.

Your home isn’t spotless, but it is clean and organized. You don’t mind leaving a mess behind when you are in a hurry, but you make sure to clean it up later.

Your conscientious traits make you successful in your career – you are very reliable and hard-working. This, along with your friendly and relaxed personality, makes you a great employee to have. You finish what is expected of you, but aren’t too busy working to build relationships with your coworkers and supervisors.

Big 5 Test Conscientiousness – Low

You scored low on conscientiousness. You are typically laid-back and relaxed, and tend not to get too worked up about things. You truly like to enjoy life.

You can be a procrastinator, and you sometimes tend to put off your responsibilities until the last minute. If something fun comes up, it doesn’t bother you to put your responsibilities off until the next day.

You typically are not very organized, and it does not bother you if things aren’t very clean or organized around your house. You know where everything is, even if it looks a little cluttered.

People who score low in conscientiousness prefer careers with very set expectations and deadlines. You like your supervisor to be very clear about what he/she expects from you, which helps you be successful.

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