Big 5 Test - Extraversion

Big 5 Test Extraversion – High

You are an extravert. You get your energy by interacting with others, and spending too much time alone seems draining to you. Others often describe you as friendly and energetic. You are constantly seeking out ways to be around people, whether it’s at work or at a party. You really don’t mind being the center of attention, and your friends love being around you because you are the life of the party!

When working through problems, you enjoy talking them through with others. You often think best when you are having a discussion with others, rather than sitting alone and thinking. Concepts just seem more real to you when they are discussed with others.

While being assertive may make others feel uncomfortable, you have no problem voicing your opinion. In fact, you often talk before you think. This can be beneficial at times, but sometimes gets you into trouble.

People who score high in extraversion do well in careers that allow them to build relationships with others, whether it be their clients or coworkers. Extraverts are well-suited for jobs as a salesperson, doctor/nurse, lawyer, or teacher.

Big 5 Test Extraversion – Medium

You have a medium level of extraversion. This means that at times, you get your energy from being around others; but at other times, you get your energy by being alone. Life is all about balance, and for you, it’s important to spend time alone and with others. You don’t mind being the center of attention at times, but you don’t seek out ways to be the center of attention either.

Because you have traits of both an introvert and extravert, you know when to speak up and when to stay silent. You are able to recognize the times when you need to speak up and be assertive, and can find the courage to have those difficult conversations when necessary.

Jobs for those who are moderately extraverted include those that allow building relationships with others, but also allow periods of time to work alone. The best jobs for these individuals include counseling, human resources, or being a director.

Big 5 Test Extraversion – Low

You are an introvert. While you enjoy spending time with others, you truly get your energy by spending time by yourself. Spending too much time around others leaves you feeling tired and drained. Others describe you as thoughtful and quiet. Being the center of attention usually makes you feel uncomfortable.

You may not be a social butterfly, but you do an amazing job building relationships with others. You find that you typically have a few friends whom you are very close with, rather than many acquaintances. The relationships you have with others are usually very long-lasting.

Others would describe you as very detail-oriented. You listen more than you speak, and are thoughtful about whatever you say. In stressful situations, you always seem calm and level-headed.

Introverts do best in jobs that allow them to spend most of the day alone. If put into a job that requires too much time spent with others, introverts leave work feeling completely exhausted. The best jobs for introverts include those involving art, technology, or science – such as a photographer, lab worker, or computer programmer.

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